Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of August 27, 2007


Isn’t that a great way to kick off a season?! The Jamboree is a good forum to experience contact, check out the other teams, observe technique and execution, and all the other things you want from a pre-season scrimmage. The hard work and commitment of our athletes and coaches was clearly evident Saturday. To a team our Tigers were PAWESOME! You can all be proud of your efforts – players, coaches and parents. It has taken a lot of effort from all of you to get to this point. Congratulations on your commitment. We now go to the next phase in our season.

Many thanks to those of you that volunteered to help on Saturday. Douglas volunteers again set the example for others to aspire to – THANK YOU. This is a volunteer organization and what you experienced on Saturday was the result of many, many volunteer hours. If yours wasn’t one, two, or more of them consider volunteering here at home for the snackbar, Mandatory Play Monitor, etc.


Congratulations to those of you who made your weight! We know you worked hard and you are to be commended. We’ve a few players that didn’t make weight Saturday. They will continue to work so they can play in the first game. Encourage them, folks. It is difficult as they aren’t allowed any extreme weight loss measures – just hard work and clean eating.

If your child didn’t make the Jamboree he/she will need to get certified at the first game. That means weighing in before the team in shorts only like they did at Jamboree.

If you were close on your weight remember that you must make weight at the original weight at the first game. After that it goes up one pound a week.


Looks like we’ll have quite a few individualized game jerseys worn with pride throughout our community this year. Several athletes have achieved the $500 mark to earn their jersey/award already. Our athletes are really stepping up for Tigerthon this year and certainly everyone wins in this one. Turn in days are Tuesdays & Thursdays. It’s nice to get it done before the first game, but we will collect as long as you are active. You can turn in what you have and get a new envelope if you want to keep going for the big prizes. Have you called Aunts & Uncles, older brothers & sisters, grandma & grandpa? They are usually good about dropping a check in the mail for you. Keep up the good work everyone! A good Tigerthon contributes to maintaining the Douglas Edge. Thanks for all you are doing. Turn-in data by team will be in next week’s Tiger Beat! Jersey winners will also receive “Beat Recognition”.


This is a volunteer organization, folks, and it is only as good as the volunteers in it. Please don’t stand by and see what happens – get off the sidelines and into the game! We need snackbar volunteers for practice and games, we need a sound monitor for games, people to help line the fields, public relations types for each team, etc.

Mandatory Play Monitors are needed for each team. This is a very important position for without one the Head Coach must sit out a game, and a game can be forfeited without appeal. You will be on the sidelines right next to the action. Plan on learning the position and working it for several, if not all of the games. It is a good idea for a team to be consistent with the MPR monitors at each game for many reasons. Can we rely on you? Please? You will be trained at a clinic next week, Wednesday, 9/5, 6:00 at the snackbar area. Contact your Team Manager.


After Labor Day the National Pop Warner rules mandate a cut back in practice times. We will practice 3 days a week, 2 hours each plus breaks beginning next week. Your coach will advise you of which days you are practicing.


It is a sad thing, but there were some people from other Cities making unjustified rude comments about our wonderful Tigers last weekend. This will continue as long as the hard efforts of our athletes and coaches yield such dramatic results on the field of play. As we proceed with our season remember, win, or lose, we always maintain our Tiger Dignity and the spirit of sportsmanship. Others may act out their frustration, or momentary jubilation, as the case may be, in a less than civilized manner that is actually detrimental to their children. We don’t do that. Regardless of the game results, have fun at pizza, and be proud of who you are and what you represent. Others just don’t get that they don’t improve themselves by tarnishing our reputation – they only serve that way to justify their existence in mediocrity. Everybody is special regardless of where they live. Applaud good performance regardless of which side of the ball the athlete lines up on – it is a good way to live.


Saturday, September 15th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


For $300 you can have your business or personal banner hang in the snackbar area. Contact Lisa Wetzel for details, 781-5472. This is one more way you can support your DPW program and in this case it is highly visible.

Douglas County prohibits dogs in its parks. Please leave your pets at home when you come to practice and games. It is not comfortable for our volunteers to ask you to leave your pet at home and, in fact, they shouldn’t have to. The park belongs to DPW during our time there and we are responsible for proper useage of the park and compliance with Douglas County rules and regs. Please don’t pack your personal pretty pets to play at the people park.

Are you using your Raley’s card? Remember to use it when you shop and we make money for the program simply by you feeding your family. We get 3-5% of what you buy … year ‘round. Swipe your card and we all win. Questions? Call Lisa Wetzel – 781-5472.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 782-4073; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer 450-1792, or Jim Valentine, President- 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704. www.douglaspopwarner.com

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tiger Beat Jamboree Edition

Week of August 20, 2007


The annual Al Barbieri Jamboree takes place this Saturday at Carson High in Carson City. This is a season kick-off scrimmage where your team will play 3 other teams for 20 minutes total each. They’ll play 10 minutes one way (offense/defense), and then switch. It is exciting as most of the 60 teams from the Conference will be present. It is also crowded as each scrimmage is on only half of a field. That means there are four teams with their fans on each field! What fun! Your coach will tell you when to be there.

Prior to playing in the Jamboree all teams are weighed, and players given their Certified Weight. It is important that you watch your child’s intake on the way to the Jamboree. If he is close on weight, don’t feed him a burger, fries and a milkshake on the way because he is hungry. We’ve had that happen only to see the child miss weight by a pound.

Male players should dress in shorts and be bare chested or wearing lightweight T-shirt, no shoes for weigh-in. Socks are okay - especially if the pavement is hot. They will change into their uniforms and get ready to play after they get Certified Weights.

Have your child ready to weigh-in in plenty of time. Leave early to assure a timely arrival. Your coach will tell you when he wants you there. It is IMPORTANT to be on time as there are thousands of players that need to get certified and they cannot wait around for stragglers.

Players, rostered coaches, and children 15 and under get in free. Admission is $5 per person 16 and older. The Jamboree Schedule is being revised – we will distribute it as soon as we are authorized.

VOLUNTEERS are needed for the Jamboree. We are scheduled to provide volunteers from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00, or so. Undoubtedly there will be a need for volunteers in the afternoon so feel free to volunteer for those time slots as well. Contact your Team Manager before she/he contacts you! This is very important not just for Douglas, but for the entire Sagebrush Empire Conference so our Jamboree operates as planned. The Douglas volunteer corps is the stuff of legends – Keep up the tradition folks – give us a hand. Thank you very much!


The Jamboree is only a scrimmage, folks. Most coaches will be looking at their players and not showing too much in the way of plays or of their talent pool. Don’t get too excited as your coach is saving the good stuff for games. Also, the mandatory play rule does not apply at the Jamboree. Your child may not play in each scrimmage as things will be very confusing or the coach is looking at somebody else in a position, but they will get their plays in during regular games. Keep your cheering positive – exhibit Douglas sportsmanship at all times.


Saturday, August 25th: Jamboree, Carson High
Saturday, September 15th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


The prize is here and its GR-R-RE-E-E-A-AT! It can’t be stressed enough how important the Tiger-thon is to the success of your program. Be sure to put your name on your Sweatshirt when you get it – they all look alike from the outside! Just ask people for a donation – you’ll find it’s quite easy. It adds up a little at a time – the next thing you know you’ll have your $100 – or more! Turn-in days are Tuesday and Thursday. Have your donors make their checks out to Douglas Pop Warner, or DPW.


What a great clinic the Douglas High Cheerleaders gave our coaches and girls Saturday! Douglas Varsity coach, Carrie Monk, and some of her squad, came to give our girls a jump start (sic) to their season! It was wonderful and enjoyed by all! Thank you all that participated! Our cheer coaches also went to a Sagebrush Cheer Coach Clinic on Sunday – a busy weekend for cheer coaches! Thank you, Ladies, for your commitment!


This Thursday, 8/23, is Back to School Night in some schools. Your coach has been authorized to change his/her practice schedule that night to cooperate with the schools. Your coach will advise you of changes.

Tiger Trauma

Our Tiger Family is suffering another tragedy. One of our alumni, David Phillips, 16, is at Renown Medical Intensive Care after an accident while he was being irresponsible. The indiscretion of his youth went too far and has had a far reaching effect in the community, especially our Tiger community. His father, Pee Wee Head Coach Mike Phillips, and mother,our recent Vice-President, Cheer Coordinator, and HLA representative, Melissa Nickerson, are hoping good may come to others by their candid and public acknowledgement of his misdeed, suffering, and struggle for life. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Donations can be made at the snackbar, or to a special account: Greater Nevada Credit Union #877473. Make checks to Mindy Miller, account coordinator. Update Hotline: 775-742-8343.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 782-4073; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer 450-1792, or Jim Valentine, President- 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704. www.douglaspopwarner.com
Thanks for your participation and cooperation!


Tiger Spirit is available in the snackbar. The gear bags should be here soon – keep checking. Backpacks are back as are stadium seats, visors, etc. NEW: Fuzzy Tiger Dice and Hitch Covers!

Tigerbeat for August 13, 2007

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of August 13, 2007


Football is a contact sport and it is important that your child come to practice ready to pay attention. It isn’t always the child slacking off that gets hurt. A missed block can result in an excessively hard hit on a running back that would have been avoided by an alert player.

If you drop your child(ren) off at practice early understand that they are not supervised by the coach or by Pop Warner administrators until the scheduled time for the practice to start. Children at the field before their scheduled practice are your responsibility! If you have two children in the program that start at different times, make sure they understand that they are not to do uncoached risky activities - stunts, tackling, etc. while they wait for their practiced to start. Our insurance does not cover accidents that are not incurred during a practice session or game. If your child is injured before or after practice it is your responsibility.

Practices are 2 hours each, however a 10 or 15 minute break is mandated for each hour practiced. (15 minutes is the hot weather rules requirement) These do not apply towards the practice time so your 2-hour practice will take 2 hours and 10 or 15 minutes depending on the weather.


We have several players that are working on gaining or losing weight to remain in their division of play. We do not condone any extreme measures for weight loss/gain. They can usually lose the necessary weight by working out and eating “clean”. We are all watching their efforts and applaud them for their desire to play. It isn't easy, folks, and encouragement is appreciated. Let them know that you're behind them-it helps. These guys are working hard just so they can play. Results will be known at Jamboree. Be careful, work hard, good luck!


Remember to block your calendar for August 25th–the date of the annual Sagebrush Empire Jamboree. Besides the opportunity to scrimmage against the other teams in your age/weight bracket, this is when Certified Weights are established. It is imperative that your child attend, and your assistance as a volunteer is much needed and appreciated.

We need volunteers to work at the Jamboree. This is very important to us and to the League. With 70 teams plus some cheerleaders, parents, siblings, etc., in attendance it is a very BIG event. We must help run it in order for it to work properly and for us to get our share of the proceeds. Please volunteer to help us that day - an hour or 4 from several of you will really help us. We need volunteers all day long from 7:30 a.m. to approx. 3:00 pm. This is a serious plea, folks. Please hear it and volunteer. Everything about Pop Warner is volunteer - your coaches, administrators, etc. This is a way for you to help. Contact your Team Manager. THANKS!


Many thanks to the football and cheer coaches that attended the DPW coach clinic last weekend. After a full week of practice, your 8 hours in the “classroom” on Saturday will greatly benefit your players. Special thanks to Bobby Wartgow, Head of Douglas County Paramedics, and wife Sandy for their First Aid talk; Chris Whitbeck, Head referee for Sagebrush Empire; Cheyenne of Velocity Sports Performance; Carrie Monk, Head Coach Douglas Varsity Cheer; and Mike Rippee, Head Coach Douglas High Football. The speakers were exceptional and the interaction between the coaches and speakers was invigorating and enlightening.

Your coaches helped at gear issue last weekend; attended the DPW clinic on Saturday. They are giving a lot of their free time to become better coaches for your child’s benefit. They exemplify commitment – a value your child will undoubtedly learn from them.

Saturday, August 25th: Jamboree, Carson High
Saturday, September 15th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


DPW has ZERO TOLERANCE for drinking on the fields. You will be removed from the park. You might be reported to the authorities. Watching your child practice or play is a privilege that can be removed. Do the right thing and drink responsibly. Drinking at a youth sports activity is not being responsible. Tobacco is also not tolerated – move away from the field and the children to indulge. Thank you.

Do not let your child ride his bike with a football helmet on. It is not designed for that activity and severely limits the peripheral vision. What might seem a safety move, putting the helmet on to ride a bike, is actually putting your child in peril.

Questions on your child’s gear fitting right – talk to your coach. You want it snug for optimum protection. Every child was “fitted” when the gear was issued, but feel free to have your coach double check it if you have a concern.

Rumors are the quickest way to ruin an organization. Don’t buy in to them – especially if they sound incredulous. They usually are. If you have a question talk to your Business Manager, Coach, or any of the people below. There is only one truth – the shades of gray you hear from the rumor-mongers serve only to stroke their drama-seeking egos, not to advance the positive experience of your child.

The Tiger Beat is on our website for your enjoyment or that of people you know. Refer them to the website so they can stay current. Sagebrush Empire information is available at sagebrushpopwarner.com.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 781-5472; Football Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer – 450-1792, or Jim Valentine 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tiger Beat First Issue

Tiger Beat

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of August 6, 2007


This first week is Conditioning Week. Contact or stunting is forbidden until a player/cheerleader has ten hours of conditioning practice. Any athlete that misses a practice this week will be required to complete the required ten hours before he/she can contact or stunt - no exceptions.

Practices before Labor Day shall be no more than 10 hours per week. Practice sessions are 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. After Labor Day there shall be no more than 6 hours total practice per week. Ten minute breaks after each hour of practice are mandatory and do not count against the total practice time for the day. Hot weather practice regulations mandate 15 minute breaks.

The specific practice times are set by your team coaching staff taking into consideration their work schedules, field availability, etc. They may start no earlier than 5:00 p.m. and must be off the field by 8:00.

During this warm weather make sure that your athlete drinks plenty of water before reporting to practice. Make sure it is water and not a soda or other sugar-based drink.

Be punctual when you drop off and pick up your child. Our coaches volunteer a lot of time and we do not expect them to sit around after practice waiting for parents. Our coaches are instructed to call the Sheriff’s Office if a child is not picked up immediately after practice. This is not just for our protection, but for your child’s well-being as well as this minimizes the opportunity for social transgressions - actual or contrived.

Team Selection

The teams were selected by the Board of Directors based on age and weight. There will be movement of players over the next few weeks as we watch weights and rosters fluctuate. We do not approve of “sweating down”, starving, or other extreme weight loss or gain methods. Weight loss or gain should be from working out and eating correctly. If your child is a weight concern you will be advised by your coach or a Board member. If you have questions contact your coach, Business Manager, Commissioner Biaggini, Mindy Miller, or Jim Valentine.


Our primary fund-raiser is the Tigerthon. For every $100 your participant earns he/she will receive this year’s exceptional prize, an embroidered sweatshirt. Don’t let your child miss out on this opportunity to own one, or more, of these fine, fine worthy Pop Warner symbols of accomplishment! Many of our athletes outfit their whole family with these wonderful Tiger spirit gear rewards! Football players that earn $500, or more, will not only earn FIVE prizes…they will be able to keep their game jersey at the end of the year!!! Cheer, too, has a special price for such exceptional performances.

It’s easy…here’s how it works: Every player/cheerleader will receive a Tigerthon envelope. Write his/her name and team on the envelope. Your child gets donations. Those that get enough donations will enjoy the coveted prizes!

Tigerthon envelopes will be distributed Tuesday, August 7th. Tigerthon envelopes and money will be collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Stodick snackbar area between 5:15 and 7:15 starting on Tuesday, August 14th. Don’t give it to your coach, or anybody else - take it to the snackbar area and give it only to the Tigerthon volunteers. Be sure to get a receipt for your money when you turn it in. All envelopes must be returned.

The Tigerthon is a way for DPW and the participants to both win, and we seriously need the funds in order to keep our registration costs down. Remember, folks, with a successful Tigerthon we can avoid candy sales, or other such onerous fund-raising activities. Get your donors lined out today!


Involuntary cuts (excessive lap running for an individual, etc.) are prohibited in Pop Warner, however cuts are mandatory for the following: 1) Participants found to have signed up as a result of parental pressure or who tells team mgt. he/she does not really want to play/cheer, 2) Refuses or cannot furnish: Parental Consent, Physical, Proof of Age (birth cert.), Scholastic Fitness (report card), 3) One who attempts to intimidate fellow participants in practice by word and/or physical deed. 4) An extreme discipline problem. If a participant no longer shows up at practices or games of his/her own free-will it is considered a voluntary cut.

Tiger Beat

The Tiger Beat is the “official” publication of Douglas Pop Warner. Published once a week during the season, it will keep you, the parent, informed about Pop Warner happenings. It is given to the players/cheerleaders every Tuesday. Be sure to look for it - ask your child for it if they don’t give it to you on Tuesday. If it’s in the Beat we assume that you know about it. Be sure to read your Tiger Beat each week! You can find the latest Tiger Beat online at www.douglaspopwarner.com.

Helpful Hints

You are welcome and even encouraged to attend your child’s practice sessions. You may not, however, enter on the field and we ask that you don’t coach your child contrary to what is being taught on the field. If you have questions of, or suggestions for, your coaching staff, contact them after practice or on a break.

Ask a lot of questions - many parents around you have been involved for a long time – ask questions about the program, what is happening, what to expect. The sooner you get up to speed the more fun you’ll have.

Of course, there is no drinking of alcoholic beverages while you are watching practice sessions or games. Any violation of this policy will result in your being removed from the premises.

Thank you all for being so prompt and cooperative with your paperwork this year. We get a lot of pressure from Regional and National on this matter and your cooperation really helps.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 782-4073; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer – 450-1792, or Jim Valentine 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Friday, April 20, 2007

DPW April Board Meeting

Douglas Pop Warner Board Meeting for 4/12/07

6:00 pm

Present are Jim, Donna, Lisa, Mindy, Cliff, Mike Dillon, Erin, Patti, Alonzo, David Gervais, Rod Robison and Paula.

Cheer Report by Cliff- GTM is willing to give us a discount for three years by way of 20% 1st yr, 10% 2nd yr and 5% 3rd yr. They will fax the agreement to Cliff on Tuesday and he will go over it.
One complete uniform was ordered for sign ups. Complete uniform consists of Shell, Skirt, Briefs, Bow, Metallic Poms, Socks, Bag, Sleeves and Shoes. There will not be any shipping charges on our orders for this year.
Mats-Cliff talked to Doug about a league order. Doug will ask around and get back to Cliff with an answer.

Lisa will check on cost for large gear bags for each coach.

Boom boxes on the internet are approximately $100-$150. Cliff will go to Best Buy and price good quality boom boxes.

Cheer meeting on 4/19/07 @ 6:00pm (later changed to 5:00) ReMax.

Secretary Report- Lisa motioned to accept minutes, Cliff 2nd, passed.

Treasurer Report- Refund for Sees Candy money- Lisa Broussard and Karen Dollar, checks signed and sent. Action Embroidery has been paid. Cliff motioned to accept report, Mike 2nd, passed.

HLA Report By Cliff- League Workshop discussed, any interest or questions need to be emailed to Jim and he will forward them to Ed. Ed needs these before the next HLA meeting.

Tiny Mite meeting discussed, Patrick will email Jim about the time and place.

Bylaw revisions are in the process of being typed and will be returned to Ed soon.

Per Joe Tobia, Regional Bye is acceptable.

Date for this years Jamboree is August 25th at Carson High School, cost to Sagebrush Empire is $1000.00.

Grey cards will be Blue this year.

National Rooster-no passwords yet.

Coaches’ Clinic-possibly the 2nd or 3rd week in July, more information to come, no clearance from Joe for us to hold our own.

Discussed combining Truckee and North Tahoe.

Discussed forming a committee for advertising.

DPW Board Kudos to Cliff for representing Douglas at the HLA meeting, he did a great job.

Lisa will get prices for new sweatshirt, both black and orange.

Float for Carson Valley Days is all set.

Need a volunteer for Scholastic Coordinator.

Alonzo---- Presentation on Alonzo’s Football Skillz Camp

Tailored to players ability
Available to all surrounding areas

Would like to borrow pads, sound system and use the field sprayer (will provide paint). Would also like to make a contribution to DPW from proceeds.

Patti motions to authorize Alonzo to use equipment in coordination with Mike Dillon and for Alonzo to handout flyers at sign ups, Mike 2nd, passed.

Equipment Report—Mike Dillon:

Helmets are done, will get Patti an invoice. Uniforms have been ordered and will arrive by June. After sign ups, we will have a better idea of equipment needs.
-will check the price of a self propelled field sprayer and sideline mats.
-will get a crew together to paint the goal posts.
-need more footballs.

Jim-Back ground check system being checked out by Mike Biaggini.
Review of Super Saturday sign ups.


Lisa will take care of newspaper add.
Jim will handle the press release.
Mike will check with Middle schools for use of the marquee or putting a banner up.

We will feed volunteers on Super Saturday.

Lisa will be checking on pee chees

We will be getting a sponsor banner for Dr. Herbig, discussion on getting Dr. Herbig and Daria Radtke “Dr.” shirts or some type of Douglas wear.

Patti read letter from Douglas County School District about Back to School Night (August 23rd), she will call the school for more information on time and if kids need to be present.

Would like to move equipment into the park on July 27th, Jim will check with the Parks Department to make sure we have keys and that softball is moved out.

Pictures-Jim will request bids for pictures.

Jim reviewed start dates for Alonzo.

Introduction by Rod Robison

Next meeting 5/10/07 6:00 pm ReMax

Meeting Adjourned 8:15 pm

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Minutes of the meeting March 15, 2007

Board Meeting for 3/15/07

6:00 Cheer Meeting:

Present are Lisa, Erin, Tasha, Austin, Mindy, Cliff, Christy, Paula and Patti.

Looked at options for cheer uniform packages from different companies. GTM had the best price for the package the board is looking for, will up grade shoes.

7:00 Board Meeting:

Present are Jim, Lisa, Erin, Mike Dillon, Mindy, Cliff, Christy, Paula and Patti.

-Cheer- Cost of Cheer uniform package will be $200 from GTM with up graded shoes.
-Motion by Patti to accept GTM offer of upgraded shoe and cost of package at $200.00, 2nd by Cliff, motion passed.
-Cliff will discuss with GTM about a 20% discount for merchandise purchased if we promise to commit for three years.
-Motion by Cliff to commit to GTM for 3 years with the 20% discount provided we are all satisfied with merchandise, 2nd by Mindy, motion passed.
-Cliff will investigate on buying new cheer mats.
-Cheer discussion shelved and tabled.
-Secretary report: Minutes of last meeting approved.
-Treasurers report: GTM account is settled and they have been paid. All is well, treasurer’s report approved.
-See’s Candy issue: People that have ordered and paid still have not received candy. Motion by Cliff to pay people money paid for candy that will not be delivered, 2nd by Mindy, motion passed.
-HLA Report: We will be going back to Regional Championships. Board will discuss at a later date about having Bowl Games.
-Discussion on having a Tiny Mite committee, Jim volunteered to put this together. Coaches should be educated on rules, interpreting rules and enforcement of rules.
-Motion by Jim for Start Date:
Thursday, August 2nd, 6:00 pm – Admin Day – All Teams
Introductions, paperwork, Tigerton handouts, break out into teams for parent meeting, conditioning.
Friday, August 3rd, 6:00 pm – Instruction Day – All Teams
Instruction on proper conditioning.
Saturday, August 4th, Time TBD – Equipment issue Day
Equipment issued at the Connex behind Fire Station on County Road.
Monday, August 6th, 5:00 – Traditional Practice begins
Traditional conditioning.
Monday, August 13th – Contact Day
Practice with physical contact begins.
Motion is 2nd and passed.
-Regional meeting: Recap on Roster program, we will use both systems this year. Discussion on DVD regarding Back Yard Drills and information on Calendars shelved and tabled for next meeting.
-Football equipment report from Mike Dillon: 145 helmets sent in for reconditioning, masks are being replaced. Need to purchase 10 to 20 shoulder pads. Some uniforms need to be replaced. 30 medium pants need to be ordered by next week. Field equipment: need to buy roll out vinyl stencils.
Motion by Jim to let Mike Dillon spend up to $5000.00 on replacing pants and jerseys, 2nd and passed.
-Sign ups: Physicals will be held on June 15th, downstairs at the Minden Medical Center. Discussion on Patti’s sign up process.
-Board approved for Lisa to be reimbursed for Wine Basket wrapping and flowers for Jim Decker’s funeral and to buy t-shirts and pee chees for sign ups.

End of Meeting.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Minutes of the Meeting - February 8, 2007

Board meeting for 2/8/07

Present are:

Jim Valentine President
Lisa Wetzel Board Member
Erin Inman Secretary
Cliff Brewer Board Member
Mindy Miller Board Member
Paula Lippincott Board Member
Patty Romanelli Treasurer

-Jim presented a slide show welcoming new board members to Douglas Pop Warner. Presentation was about board member responsibilities and organizational structure.
-Approval of minutes from previous meeting
-Approval of Treasurers report
-Discussion on loan for Schreiner, Lisa will follow up
-Cliff will send back cheer equipment to GTM
-HLA meeting on Thursday 2/15/07
-Big thank you to Mike and Casey for cleaning and completing an inventory on all football equipment
-Cheer is in need of coaches
-Mindy suggested that we have a cheer coaches meeting before each board meeting to keep both coach and board apprised of any issues.
-Cliff left meeting and board discussed the cheer coordinator position.
-Motion to accept Cliff as cheer coordinator and Katie Hineman as assistant if she accepts, passed
-Website issues:
Motion to keep domain name for 5 years, passed. Lisa will talk to Tonya about setting up a website that will be easier to maintain.
-Patty will take care of getting grey cards.
-Sign ups will be downstairs in the Minden Medical Facility.
-Motion to accept rates as follows, passed.
Cheer Early $70
After 4/21 $80

Football Early $110
5/14 $125
5/30 $125
After 5/30 $150
Each additional football sibling will be $10 off.

Sign up dates will be 4/21 Super Saturday 9-2
5/14 Monday 5-7
5/30 Wednesday 5-7
-Flyers to go in pee chees and mail by March 8th.
-Cliff will take flyers to school district for approval and then to all schools for distribution
-Motion to give away shirts at sign ups again, passed.
-Cliff will pick up the mule this weekend.

End of Meeting

Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 18th Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2007 @ 6:00pm

ATTENDANCE: Jim Valentine, Donna Sugden, Lisa Wetzel, Cliff Brewer, Mike Dillon, Christy Borino, Jamie Borino, Patty Romanelli, Erin Inman, Justin & Katie Hineman, Mike Biaggini


TREASURER’R REPORT – Copy of Report w/original minutes.
Varsity – letter and check passed in the mail. Check has cleared and we will leave it alone unless they contact us.

Nov. Minutes – a motion was made to move to Wescon, gamer card photos are to be done in the game jerseys. They did a review of the games ( state championship) – made a profit of $6,300 from 3 different events.
Election Results – Pres. – Ed Lantis, VP – Alan Pagni(from Sparks), VP – Patrick(from Reno), VP – Steve Sawyer(from Carson), Treasurer – Ann Pagni, Tom(from Reno) Scholastics Director
Drafted Letter to National – Will take back to next meeting and go over any changes that may need to be made by approved suggestions.

OLD BUSINESS - Year in Review –
Tiny Mites – 2 teams, both extremely successful imparting the Douglas Way paradigms, principles and values into their participants.
Few Injuries
All had fun – a few perceived trying times, but knowledgeable outside observation would dictate extenuation circumstances that were handles very well with good results and positive lifetime lessons available without too much parental distortion.
Cheer Program – was changed radically regarding xign up, uniforms, and cost.
- had new competition and some participants that left to that competition
- had good numbers considering that it was the year of change – had been sliding downhill for at least consecutive years.
Fundraising – jersey winners expanded, better jersey product – good system evolved that will help turn around quicker in the long run, and banner sales – nominal year – ready for this year.
Mule acquisition – Great asset – thank you to James Valdez for making it a reality, Mort’s Autobody and Mac Signs for the wonderful paint and decals that made it special. It helped with the field prep in a big way, helped with spirit – young and old rides, and pride of organization and helped at Snowbowl with garbage pick up.
Business Managers – Donna and her crew took things to a new level – every team and every squad. There was spirit, communication, input, contribution, coordination, and interaction. It has become one of the most vital positions and aspects of the DPW success.
Coaches Clinic – Dr. Giron came back and spoke for 1 ½ hours, Chris Witbeck also spoke for 1 ½ hours. Mike Rippee spoke and Jim couldn’t have scripted his talk any better. There was good attendance and interaction. At HLA, they were told when our clinic was and invited 10 people to attend. No one showed up so we will probably close our doors to them this year. It is very likely that we will have to have good attendance at HLA or Regional clinic.
Snackbar – Wonderful team of Lollie and Erin. Exceptional execution and participation this year.
Concerns – Had several parents pull child from team or squad when it came time for playoffs. One in particular has done this two years in a row. We need to consider how to emphasize commitment, team and integrity. Values priority put family above Pop Warner, but there must be reasonable understanding as to how you make that evaluation. Action? Training? Penalty? Think – if action or sanctions will be implemented they must be decided on and notice given at signups.
Some drunkenness and profanity at practice fields – was handled and shouldn’t be a problem.
Tiny Mites – generally very young parents with minimal experience – shows a need for a parent meeting – either tiny mite specific, or for the entire program. Mike Dillon suggested that we do a meeting for 1st year parents.
Website – not maintained, has old info., not a good tool. It is hard to work with. We can start a new one that is user friendly but we must keep it current if we expect to have it as a communication and public relations tool. Lisa is going to start as blog site for board members to see how it works.
Clinics – Max Miller clinic is Feb. 23rd & 24th. Board approved coaches going with DPW paying for it but if they say they are going to go and they don’t show, they will reimburse DPW.
Stunt camp for cheer – Heard of one last year in So. Calif. that Annette went to. It was several days. Would like to send one representative and then have them come back to convey information. Christy said that Carrie Munk has offered to do a free clinic for our cheer coaches after she gets back from her clinic.
Kicking camp for football? – Send a Rep?
Buy more videos? Build a library and distribute? Sandra has many videos that we bought over the years. Would have to track the asset to protect the investment.
Equipment – Cheer – may need to look in to buying new mats
Football – May need to buy a new paint spayer.
Mule – New parts & Repair?
Cheer – Coordinator position – V.P. of Cheer would have cheer elected in this meeting, not appointed by the New Board in Feb.. Would alleviate two months of “down” time, December and Jan. waiting for Feb. meeting. Have voted on in Jan. before to save time. If we are going to continue with new system they should be working on the uniform right away so not backed in to a corner later. Need to recruit coaches – has traditionally been a problem with Cheer that we are seriously in a position to change for many reasons.
New system – continue with? Decide or wait until Feb..

NEW BUSINESS - Elections, review procedure
Positions being voted on – Aside: suggestion to follow up on additional Vice President change in by-laws this year.
Process for selecting Board after election.
Nominations – three opportunities
Election – New Pres. – Jim Valentine, VP – Mike Biaggini, Treasurer – Patti Romanelli and Secretary – Erin Inman

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm