Friday, April 20, 2007

DPW April Board Meeting

Douglas Pop Warner Board Meeting for 4/12/07

6:00 pm

Present are Jim, Donna, Lisa, Mindy, Cliff, Mike Dillon, Erin, Patti, Alonzo, David Gervais, Rod Robison and Paula.

Cheer Report by Cliff- GTM is willing to give us a discount for three years by way of 20% 1st yr, 10% 2nd yr and 5% 3rd yr. They will fax the agreement to Cliff on Tuesday and he will go over it.
One complete uniform was ordered for sign ups. Complete uniform consists of Shell, Skirt, Briefs, Bow, Metallic Poms, Socks, Bag, Sleeves and Shoes. There will not be any shipping charges on our orders for this year.
Mats-Cliff talked to Doug about a league order. Doug will ask around and get back to Cliff with an answer.

Lisa will check on cost for large gear bags for each coach.

Boom boxes on the internet are approximately $100-$150. Cliff will go to Best Buy and price good quality boom boxes.

Cheer meeting on 4/19/07 @ 6:00pm (later changed to 5:00) ReMax.

Secretary Report- Lisa motioned to accept minutes, Cliff 2nd, passed.

Treasurer Report- Refund for Sees Candy money- Lisa Broussard and Karen Dollar, checks signed and sent. Action Embroidery has been paid. Cliff motioned to accept report, Mike 2nd, passed.

HLA Report By Cliff- League Workshop discussed, any interest or questions need to be emailed to Jim and he will forward them to Ed. Ed needs these before the next HLA meeting.

Tiny Mite meeting discussed, Patrick will email Jim about the time and place.

Bylaw revisions are in the process of being typed and will be returned to Ed soon.

Per Joe Tobia, Regional Bye is acceptable.

Date for this years Jamboree is August 25th at Carson High School, cost to Sagebrush Empire is $1000.00.

Grey cards will be Blue this year.

National Rooster-no passwords yet.

Coaches’ Clinic-possibly the 2nd or 3rd week in July, more information to come, no clearance from Joe for us to hold our own.

Discussed combining Truckee and North Tahoe.

Discussed forming a committee for advertising.

DPW Board Kudos to Cliff for representing Douglas at the HLA meeting, he did a great job.

Lisa will get prices for new sweatshirt, both black and orange.

Float for Carson Valley Days is all set.

Need a volunteer for Scholastic Coordinator.

Alonzo---- Presentation on Alonzo’s Football Skillz Camp

Tailored to players ability
Available to all surrounding areas

Would like to borrow pads, sound system and use the field sprayer (will provide paint). Would also like to make a contribution to DPW from proceeds.

Patti motions to authorize Alonzo to use equipment in coordination with Mike Dillon and for Alonzo to handout flyers at sign ups, Mike 2nd, passed.

Equipment Report—Mike Dillon:

Helmets are done, will get Patti an invoice. Uniforms have been ordered and will arrive by June. After sign ups, we will have a better idea of equipment needs.
-will check the price of a self propelled field sprayer and sideline mats.
-will get a crew together to paint the goal posts.
-need more footballs.

Jim-Back ground check system being checked out by Mike Biaggini.
Review of Super Saturday sign ups.


Lisa will take care of newspaper add.
Jim will handle the press release.
Mike will check with Middle schools for use of the marquee or putting a banner up.

We will feed volunteers on Super Saturday.

Lisa will be checking on pee chees

We will be getting a sponsor banner for Dr. Herbig, discussion on getting Dr. Herbig and Daria Radtke “Dr.” shirts or some type of Douglas wear.

Patti read letter from Douglas County School District about Back to School Night (August 23rd), she will call the school for more information on time and if kids need to be present.

Would like to move equipment into the park on July 27th, Jim will check with the Parks Department to make sure we have keys and that softball is moved out.

Pictures-Jim will request bids for pictures.

Jim reviewed start dates for Alonzo.

Introduction by Rod Robison

Next meeting 5/10/07 6:00 pm ReMax

Meeting Adjourned 8:15 pm

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Minutes of the meeting March 15, 2007

Board Meeting for 3/15/07

6:00 Cheer Meeting:

Present are Lisa, Erin, Tasha, Austin, Mindy, Cliff, Christy, Paula and Patti.

Looked at options for cheer uniform packages from different companies. GTM had the best price for the package the board is looking for, will up grade shoes.

7:00 Board Meeting:

Present are Jim, Lisa, Erin, Mike Dillon, Mindy, Cliff, Christy, Paula and Patti.

-Cheer- Cost of Cheer uniform package will be $200 from GTM with up graded shoes.
-Motion by Patti to accept GTM offer of upgraded shoe and cost of package at $200.00, 2nd by Cliff, motion passed.
-Cliff will discuss with GTM about a 20% discount for merchandise purchased if we promise to commit for three years.
-Motion by Cliff to commit to GTM for 3 years with the 20% discount provided we are all satisfied with merchandise, 2nd by Mindy, motion passed.
-Cliff will investigate on buying new cheer mats.
-Cheer discussion shelved and tabled.
-Secretary report: Minutes of last meeting approved.
-Treasurers report: GTM account is settled and they have been paid. All is well, treasurer’s report approved.
-See’s Candy issue: People that have ordered and paid still have not received candy. Motion by Cliff to pay people money paid for candy that will not be delivered, 2nd by Mindy, motion passed.
-HLA Report: We will be going back to Regional Championships. Board will discuss at a later date about having Bowl Games.
-Discussion on having a Tiny Mite committee, Jim volunteered to put this together. Coaches should be educated on rules, interpreting rules and enforcement of rules.
-Motion by Jim for Start Date:
Thursday, August 2nd, 6:00 pm – Admin Day – All Teams
Introductions, paperwork, Tigerton handouts, break out into teams for parent meeting, conditioning.
Friday, August 3rd, 6:00 pm – Instruction Day – All Teams
Instruction on proper conditioning.
Saturday, August 4th, Time TBD – Equipment issue Day
Equipment issued at the Connex behind Fire Station on County Road.
Monday, August 6th, 5:00 – Traditional Practice begins
Traditional conditioning.
Monday, August 13th – Contact Day
Practice with physical contact begins.
Motion is 2nd and passed.
-Regional meeting: Recap on Roster program, we will use both systems this year. Discussion on DVD regarding Back Yard Drills and information on Calendars shelved and tabled for next meeting.
-Football equipment report from Mike Dillon: 145 helmets sent in for reconditioning, masks are being replaced. Need to purchase 10 to 20 shoulder pads. Some uniforms need to be replaced. 30 medium pants need to be ordered by next week. Field equipment: need to buy roll out vinyl stencils.
Motion by Jim to let Mike Dillon spend up to $5000.00 on replacing pants and jerseys, 2nd and passed.
-Sign ups: Physicals will be held on June 15th, downstairs at the Minden Medical Center. Discussion on Patti’s sign up process.
-Board approved for Lisa to be reimbursed for Wine Basket wrapping and flowers for Jim Decker’s funeral and to buy t-shirts and pee chees for sign ups.

End of Meeting.