Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 18th Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2007 @ 6:00pm

ATTENDANCE: Jim Valentine, Donna Sugden, Lisa Wetzel, Cliff Brewer, Mike Dillon, Christy Borino, Jamie Borino, Patty Romanelli, Erin Inman, Justin & Katie Hineman, Mike Biaggini


TREASURER’R REPORT – Copy of Report w/original minutes.
Varsity – letter and check passed in the mail. Check has cleared and we will leave it alone unless they contact us.

Nov. Minutes – a motion was made to move to Wescon, gamer card photos are to be done in the game jerseys. They did a review of the games ( state championship) – made a profit of $6,300 from 3 different events.
Election Results – Pres. – Ed Lantis, VP – Alan Pagni(from Sparks), VP – Patrick(from Reno), VP – Steve Sawyer(from Carson), Treasurer – Ann Pagni, Tom(from Reno) Scholastics Director
Drafted Letter to National – Will take back to next meeting and go over any changes that may need to be made by approved suggestions.

OLD BUSINESS - Year in Review –
Tiny Mites – 2 teams, both extremely successful imparting the Douglas Way paradigms, principles and values into their participants.
Few Injuries
All had fun – a few perceived trying times, but knowledgeable outside observation would dictate extenuation circumstances that were handles very well with good results and positive lifetime lessons available without too much parental distortion.
Cheer Program – was changed radically regarding xign up, uniforms, and cost.
- had new competition and some participants that left to that competition
- had good numbers considering that it was the year of change – had been sliding downhill for at least consecutive years.
Fundraising – jersey winners expanded, better jersey product – good system evolved that will help turn around quicker in the long run, and banner sales – nominal year – ready for this year.
Mule acquisition – Great asset – thank you to James Valdez for making it a reality, Mort’s Autobody and Mac Signs for the wonderful paint and decals that made it special. It helped with the field prep in a big way, helped with spirit – young and old rides, and pride of organization and helped at Snowbowl with garbage pick up.
Business Managers – Donna and her crew took things to a new level – every team and every squad. There was spirit, communication, input, contribution, coordination, and interaction. It has become one of the most vital positions and aspects of the DPW success.
Coaches Clinic – Dr. Giron came back and spoke for 1 ½ hours, Chris Witbeck also spoke for 1 ½ hours. Mike Rippee spoke and Jim couldn’t have scripted his talk any better. There was good attendance and interaction. At HLA, they were told when our clinic was and invited 10 people to attend. No one showed up so we will probably close our doors to them this year. It is very likely that we will have to have good attendance at HLA or Regional clinic.
Snackbar – Wonderful team of Lollie and Erin. Exceptional execution and participation this year.
Concerns – Had several parents pull child from team or squad when it came time for playoffs. One in particular has done this two years in a row. We need to consider how to emphasize commitment, team and integrity. Values priority put family above Pop Warner, but there must be reasonable understanding as to how you make that evaluation. Action? Training? Penalty? Think – if action or sanctions will be implemented they must be decided on and notice given at signups.
Some drunkenness and profanity at practice fields – was handled and shouldn’t be a problem.
Tiny Mites – generally very young parents with minimal experience – shows a need for a parent meeting – either tiny mite specific, or for the entire program. Mike Dillon suggested that we do a meeting for 1st year parents.
Website – not maintained, has old info., not a good tool. It is hard to work with. We can start a new one that is user friendly but we must keep it current if we expect to have it as a communication and public relations tool. Lisa is going to start as blog site for board members to see how it works.
Clinics – Max Miller clinic is Feb. 23rd & 24th. Board approved coaches going with DPW paying for it but if they say they are going to go and they don’t show, they will reimburse DPW.
Stunt camp for cheer – Heard of one last year in So. Calif. that Annette went to. It was several days. Would like to send one representative and then have them come back to convey information. Christy said that Carrie Munk has offered to do a free clinic for our cheer coaches after she gets back from her clinic.
Kicking camp for football? – Send a Rep?
Buy more videos? Build a library and distribute? Sandra has many videos that we bought over the years. Would have to track the asset to protect the investment.
Equipment – Cheer – may need to look in to buying new mats
Football – May need to buy a new paint spayer.
Mule – New parts & Repair?
Cheer – Coordinator position – V.P. of Cheer would have cheer elected in this meeting, not appointed by the New Board in Feb.. Would alleviate two months of “down” time, December and Jan. waiting for Feb. meeting. Have voted on in Jan. before to save time. If we are going to continue with new system they should be working on the uniform right away so not backed in to a corner later. Need to recruit coaches – has traditionally been a problem with Cheer that we are seriously in a position to change for many reasons.
New system – continue with? Decide or wait until Feb..

NEW BUSINESS - Elections, review procedure
Positions being voted on – Aside: suggestion to follow up on additional Vice President change in by-laws this year.
Process for selecting Board after election.
Nominations – three opportunities
Election – New Pres. – Jim Valentine, VP – Mike Biaggini, Treasurer – Patti Romanelli and Secretary – Erin Inman

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

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