Friday, September 12, 2008

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of September 8, 2008

scores l September 5 & 6
Tiny Mite
Reno Patriots Blue
M Mite black
Sparks Steelers
M Mite white
Jr. PW black
Reno Cowboys
jr. pW white
Pee Wee
Sparks Steelers
Jr. Midget
Reno Ravens

Remember to be at the field when your coach wants you there. Teams generally weight in an hour before the game, and you will be required to be there before that to get organized.


The overall results are looking good and the fans are looking even better in their wonderful Warmup Jackets sporting our new logo. As the nights start to chill we’ll certainly see a lot of these high quality, highly respected, symbols of Tiger Pride and excellent Tiger Tigerthon Performance. Keep it up – we are still collecting. Need a new envelope … we have one for you.


The location has been changed to ASPEN PARK. Souvenir photos on Saturday, September 13th. DPW provides an individual and team photo. You can buy additional Trading Cards, poster photos, souvenir displays, and many other upgrade items to enhance your wonderful Pop Warner memorabilia. You can also order Buddy Pictures – take a picture of you with a friend, brother, parent, etc. Your Team Manager will be distributing an order envelope this week. Have it ready with a check when your team is up to help things go smoothly. Photos will be at the Pavillion area of ASPEN Park.

8:00 Jr. Midget 10:00 Pee Wee
8:30 Jr. Pee Wee White 10:30 Midget
9:00 Mitey Mite Black 11:00 Tiny Mite
9:30 Jr. Pee Wee Black 11:30 Mitey Mite White

Cheer and football are at the same time

Photo schedule is based on who played/plays where and at what time this weekend.


What a fiasco the scheduling was this year! You weren’t the only ones looking for it, but the process just never seemed to end. There are many reasons for the happenstance, and they are repairable so this won’t happen again. The League apologizes and recognizes the need to prevent a repeat of getting a schedule out so late. The refrigerator schedule is being distributed tonight. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Many thanks to the wonderful Erin Inman, one of the key people working behind the scenes to make DPW what it is. She has spent many, many hours over several months at the computer keyboard entering, organizing and maintaining our database so we comply with the many administrative requirements mandated by the Region and National. It is a huge, tedious, and thankless job … until now! THANK YOU Erin – you are Pawesome!!!


These are your child’s playing/cheering years. Your playing/cheering years are but memories now, and your child is creating his/her own memories. Help, not hinder in creating some wonderfully positive memories of these Pop Warner years. What you might have done in high school is irrelevant to what your ten year old is accomplishing now. Appreciate your child for what he/she is giving you now …the good efforts, the discipline, the commitment, the enthusiasm, the wonderment of experience & understanding of something new … something so important to them that they so much want to know more about – football & cheerleading. After all, isn’t that what its all about. . . learning, teaching, nurturing, sweating, crying, smiling, grunting, growling, growing, pizza, growing? Sounds kind of like life … eh?


Gear Bags – another fiasco. The company has updated their promises – should be here next week ….. no really!

Kudos to Coach Matt Tretton, DPW Jr. Midgets, for his recent induction to the Douglas High School Football Hall of Fame. Matt played in Douglas Pop Warner before going on to his fine career at DHS. He was coach of the year in Reno Pop Warner in 2005, and has come home to Douglas this year. Welcome back Matt, and congratulations!

Remember to invite your friends and family to games. Those with walking challenges can get a ride to the bleachers from the parking lot in the DPW Mule. Contact somebody at the field, or arrange for it in advance. We want all of our Tiger fans to see our Tigers at play – catch a ride on the Tiger Mule and save your energy for cheering the teams on!

Remembering Gene Upshaw

Statement From Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Executive Director Jon Butler Regarding the Memorial Service and Passing of Gene Upshaw, Executive Director of the NFLPA.
"Gene will of course be remembered as a great man, a Hall of Famer and a superb union leader, but he was much more than that. His love of the game of football was demonstrated by his unwavering support of Pop Warner Football and extended to Pop Warner fields across the country.

He cared about making football America’s sport and knew to grow the sport that it was essential to focus on the game at the youth level. Gene was instrumental in forming the NFL Youth Football Fund to support grassroots football organizations like Pop Warner as part of the 1998 Collective Bargaining Agreement, and that commitment has had a tremendous impact on Pop Warner programs across the country enabling Pop Warner’s expansion to include a presence in almost every NFL City and in six foreign countries.

Gene’s legacy extends beyond the pro game and will have a lasting impact on youth football and communities throughout the world. His leadership and support will be sorely missed, but we are proud to have worked with such a dedicated leader and partner. Our sympathies and gratitude go out to his family, friends and the NFLPA."

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 781-5472; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Mike Dillon – 691-3388; Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer-450-8153, or Jim Valentine, President- 781-3704. Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tigerbeat - Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter

Week of August 25, 2008


Isn’t that a great way to kick off a season?! The Jamboree is a good forum to experience contact, check out the other teams, observe technique and execution, and all the other things you want from a pre-season scrimmage. The hard work and commitment of our athletes and coaches was clearly evident Saturday. To a team our Tigers were PAWESOME! You can all be proud of your efforts – players, coaches and parents. It has taken a lot of effort from all of you to get to this point. Congratulations on your commitment. We now go to the next phase in our season.

Many thanks to those of you that volunteered to help on Saturday. This is a volunteer organization and what you experienced on Saturday was the result of many, many volunteer hours. If yours wasn’t one, two, or more of them consider volunteering here at home for the snackbar, Mandatory Play Monitor, etc.
Congratulations to those of you who made your weight! We know you worked hard and you are to be commended. We’ve a few players that didn’t make weight Saturday. They will continue to work so they can play in the first game. Encourage them, folks. It is difficult as they aren’t allowed any extreme weight loss measures – just hard work and clean eating.

If your child didn’t make the Jamboree he/she will need to get certified at the first game. That means weighing in before the team in shorts only like they did at Jamboree.

If you were close on your weight remember that you must make weight at the original weight at the first game. After that it goes up one pound a week.


Our athletes are really stepping up for Tigerthon this year and certainly everyone wins in this one. Turn in days are Tuesdays & Thursdays. It’s nice to get it done before the first game, but we will collect as long as you are active. You can turn in what you have and get a new envelope if you want to keep going for the big prizes. Have you called Aunts & Uncles, older brothers & sisters, Grandma & Grandpa? They are usually good about dropping a check in the mail for you. Keep up the good work everyone! A good Tigerthon contributes to maintaining the Douglas Edge. Thanks for all you are doing. Turn-in data by team, Tigerthon Paw Tracks, will be updated here soon! The many Jersey winners will also receive “Beat Recognition”.


This is a volunteer organization, folks, and it is only as good as the volunteers in it. Please don’t stand by and see what happens – get off the sidelines and into the game! We need snackbar volunteers for practice and games, we need a sound monitor for games, people to help line the fields, public relations types for each team, etc.

Mandatory Play Monitors are needed for each team. This is a very important position for without one the Head Coach must sit out a game, and a game can be forfeited without appeal. You will be on the sidelines right next to the action. Plan on learning the position and working it for several, if not all of the games. It is a good idea for a team to be consistent with the MPR monitors at each game for many reasons. Can we rely on you? Please? You will be trained at a clinic next week, Wednesday, 9/3, 6:00 at the snackbar area. Contact your Team Manager.


Some people from other Cities acted funny last weekend. This will continue as long as the hard efforts of our athletes and coaches yield such dramatic results on the field of play. As we proceed with our season remember, win, or lose, we always maintain our Tiger Dignity and the spirit of sportsmanship. Others may act out their frustration, or momentary jubilation, as the case may be, in a less than civilized manner that is actually detrimental to their children. We don’t do that. Regardless of the game results, have fun at pizza, and be proud of who you are and what you represent. Everybody is special regardless of where they live and how they play. Applaud good performance and especially effort regardless of which side of the ball the athlete lines up on – it is a good way to live.


After Labor Day the National Pop Warner rules mandate a cut back in practice times. We will practice 3 days a week, 2 hours each plus breaks beginning next week. Your coach will advise you of which days you are practicing.


Sept. 5 or 6: First Game, Schedule soon
Saturday, September 13th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


The new gear bags didn’t ship when we were promised they would ship, August 14th. The company told us they are behind in production, but failed to call and let us know. These bags are actually manufactured for us. We are told they will be expedited to us soon–this week. Hang in there!

By now some of you have been exposed to the interesting world of swirling rumors that sometimes appear on our sidelines. Rumors only serve to create doubt, mistrust or anxiety where there should be none. You know by now that we are a transparent organization – there are no secrets in Douglas Pop Warner. If you have a question about something feel free to contact your business manager, coach, or someone listed below. The only stupid question is the question that isn’t asked.

Do you have good pictures or video? Send them to so we can put them on the website or use them for promotion. Thanks.

The Tiger Beat is posted on the website thanks to Coach Brian Loshbaugh. Tell your out-of-town family members that they can read it @

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 782-4073; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, or Mike Dillon – 691-3388, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer 450-8153, or Jim Valentine, President- 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tigerbeat - Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter


Football is a contact sport and it is important that your child come to practice ready to pay attention. It isn’t always the child slacking off that gets hurt. A missed block can result in an excessively hard hit on a running back that would have been avoided by an alert player.

If you drop your child(ren) off at practice early understand that they are not supervised by the coach or by Pop Warner administrators until the scheduled time for the practice to start. Children at the field before their scheduled practice are your responsibility! If you have two children in the program that start at different times, make sure they understand that they are not to do uncoached risky activities - stunts, tackling, etc. while they wait for their practiced to start. Our insurance does not cover accidents that are not incurred during a practice session or game. If your child is injured before or after practice it is your responsibility.

Practices are 2 hours each, however a 10 or 15 minute break is mandated for each hour practiced. (15 minutes is the hot weather rules requirement) These do not apply towards the practice time so your 2-hour practice will take 2 hours and 10 or 15 minutes depending on the weather.


We have several players that are working on gaining or losing weight to remain in their division of play. We do not condone any extreme measures for weight loss/gain. They can usually lose the necessary weight by working out and eating “clean”. We are all watching their efforts and applaud them for their desire to play. It isn't easy, folks, and encouragement is appreciated. Let them know that you're behind them-it helps. These guys are working hard just so they can play. Results will be known at Jamboree. Be careful, work hard, good luck!


Remember to block your calendar for August 23rd–the date of the annual Sagebrush Empire Jamboree. Besides the opportunity to scrimmage against the other teams in your age/weight bracket, this is when Certified Weights are established. It is imperative that your child attend, and your assistance as a volunteer is much needed and appreciated.

We need volunteers to work at the Jamboree. This is very important to us and to the League. With 70 teams plus some cheerleaders, parents, siblings, etc., in attendance it is a very BIG event. We must help run it in order for it to work properly and for us to get our share of the proceeds. Please volunteer to help us that day - an hour or 4 from several of you will really help us. We need volunteers all day long from 7:30 a.m. to approx. 3:00 pm. This is a serious plea, folks. Please hear it and volunteer. Everything about Pop Warner is volunteer - your coaches, administrators, etc. This is a way for you to help. Contact your Team Manager. THANKS!


Many thanks to the football and cheer coaches that attended the DPW coach clinic last weekend. After a full week of practice, your hours in the “classroom” on Saturday will greatly benefit your players. Special thanks to Heidi Newell of Douglas County Paramedics; Chris Whitbeck, Head referee for Sagebrush Empire; Lee Rix, former placekicker for Cal;and Mike Rippee, Head Coach Douglas High Football. The speakers were exceptional and the interaction between the coaches and speakers was invigorating and enlightening.

Your coaches helped at gear issue last weekend and attended the DPW clinic this Saturday. They are giving a lot of their free time for your child’s benefit. They exemplify commitment – a value your child will undoubtedly learn from them.


Many thanks to the doctor Judith Rosso, P.A. Tim O’Neill, and staff at Job’s Peak Internal Medicine and Family Practice. They opened their office and arms in welcoming us for our physicals this year. Not only did they do this on our scheduled Physical Day, they continued to do free physicals for our participants that happened to have missed that date. Dr. Susan Barry, D.C., Barry Chiropractic, also helped that day and helped others afterwards at her office. Their joyful and thorough contribution means a lot to our participants and we are very thankful to them. If you are in need of medical services we highly suggest you remember them.


Saturday, August 23rd: Jamboree, Spanish Springs
Saturday, September 13th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


DPW has ZERO TOLERANCE for drinking on the fields. You will be removed from the park. You might be reported to the authorities. Watching your child practice or play is a privilege that can be removed. Do the right thing and drink responsibly. Drinking at a youth sports activity is not being responsible. Tobacco is also not tolerated – move away from the field and the children to indulge. Thank you.

Do not let your child ride his bike with a football helmet on. It is not designed for that activity and severely limits the peripheral vision. What might seem a safety move, putting the helmet on to ride a bike, is actually putting your child in peril.

Questions on your child’s gear fitting right – talk to your coach. It should be snug for optimum protection. Every child was “fitted” when the gear was issued, but feel free to have your coach double check it if you have a concern.

Rumors are the quickest way to ruin an organization. Don’t buy in to them – especially if they sound incredulous. They usually are. If you have a question talk to your Business Manager, Coach, or any of the people below. There is only one truth – the stories you hear from the rumor-mongers serve only to stroke their drama-seeking egos, not to advance the positive experience of your child.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 781-5472; Football Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer – 450-8153, or Jim Valentine 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tiger Beat Douglas Pop Warner Parent's Newsletter August 4, 2008


This first week is Conditioning Week. Contact or stunting is forbidden until a player/cheerleader has ten hours of conditioning practice. Any athlete that misses a practice this week will be required to complete the required ten hours before he/she can contact or stunt - no exceptions.

Practices before Labor Day shall be no more than 10 hours per week. Practice sessions are 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. After Labor Day there shall be no more than 6 hours total practice per week. Ten minute breaks after each hour of practice are mandatory and do not count against the total practice time for the day. Hot weather practice regulations mandate 15 minute breaks.

The specific practice times are set by your team coaching staff taking into consideration their work schedules, field availability, etc. They may start no earlier than 5:00 p.m. and must be off the field by 8:00.

During this warm weather make sure that your athlete drinks plenty of water before reporting to practice. Make sure it is water and not a soda or other sugar-based drink.

Be punctual when you drop off and pick up your child. Our coaches volunteer a lot of time and we do not expect them to sit around after practice waiting for parents. Our coaches are instructed to call the Sheriff’s Office if a child is not picked up immediately after practice. This is not just for our protection, but for your child’s well-being as well as this minimizes the opportunity for social transgressions - actual or contrived.

Team Selection

The teams were selected by the Board of Directors based on age and weight. There will be movement of players over the next few weeks as we watch weights and rosters fluctuate. We do not approve of “sweating down”, starving, or other extreme weight loss or gain methods. Weight loss or gain should be from working out and eating correctly. If your child is a weight concern you will be advised by your coach or a Board member. If you have questions contact your coach, Business Manager, Commissioner Biaggini, Mindy Miller, or Jim Valentine.


Our primary fund-raiser is the Tigerthon. For every $100 your participant earns he/she will receive this year’s exceptional prize, a jacket with our new logo on the back. Don’t let your child miss out on this opportunity to own one, or more, of these fine, fine worthy Pop Warner symbols of accomplishment! Many of our athletes outfit their whole family with these wonderful Tiger spirit gear rewards! Football players that earn $500, or more, will not only earn FIVE prizes…they will be able to keep their game jersey at the end of the year!!! Cheer, too, has a special price for such exceptional performances.

It’s easy…here’s how it works: Every player/cheerleader will receive a Tigerthon envelope. Write his/her name and team on the envelope. Your child gets donations. Those that get enough donations will enjoy the coveted prizes!

Tigerthon envelopes will be distributed Tuesday, August 5th. Tigerthon envelopes and money will be collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Stodick snackbar area between 5:15 and 7:15 starting on Tuesday, August 12th. Don’t give it to your coach, or anybody else - take it to the snackbar area and give it only to the Tigerthon volunteers. Be sure to get a receipt for your money when you turn it in. All envelopes must be returned.

The Tigerthon is a way for DPW and the participants to both win, and we seriously need the funds in order to keep our registration costs down. Remember, folks, with a successful Tigerthon we can avoid candy sales, or other such onerous fund-raising activities. Get your donors lined out today!


Involuntary cuts (excessive lap running for an individual, etc.) are prohibited in Pop Warner, however cuts are mandatory for the following: 1) Participants found to have signed up as a result of parental pressure or who tells team mgt. he/she does not really want to play/cheer, 2) Refuses or cannot furnish: Parental Consent, Physical, Proof of Age (birth cert.), Scholastic Fitness (report card), 3) One who attempts to intimidate fellow participants in practice by word and/or physical deed. 4) An extreme discipline problem. If a participant no longer shows up at practices or games of his/her own free-will it is considered a voluntary cut.

Tiger Beat

The Tiger Beat is the “official” publication of Douglas Pop Warner. Published once a week during the season, it will keep you, the parent, informed about Pop Warner happenings. It is given to the players/cheerleaders every Tuesday. Be sure to look for it - ask your child for it if they don’t give it to you on Tuesday. If it’s in the Beat we assume that you know about it. Be sure to read your Tiger Beat each week! You can find the latest Tiger Beat online at
Helpful Hints

You are welcome and even encouraged to attend your child’s practice sessions. You may not, however, enter on the field and we ask that you don’t coach your child contrary to what is being taught on the field. If you have questions of, or suggestions for, your coaching staff, contact them after practice or on a break.

Ask a lot of questions - many parents around you have been involved for a long time – ask questions about the program, what is happening, what to expect. The sooner you get up to speed the more fun you’ll have.

Of course, there is no drinking of alcoholic beverages while you are watching practice sessions or games. Any violation of this policy will result in your being removed from the premises.

Thank you all for being so prompt and cooperative with your paperwork this year. We get a lot of pressure from Regional and National on this matter and your cooperation really helps.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, or 781-5472 email ; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer – 450-8153, or Jim Valentine 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Board Meeting Minutes - Douglas Pop Warner

Douglas Pop Warner Board Meeting

January 10, 2008
6:05 PM

Attending: Jim Valentine Paula Lippincott Christy Borino
Cliff Brewer Mindy Miller Mike Biaggini
Erin Inman Mike Dillon Patti Romanelli
Lisa Wetzel Tim Quarry Diane McIver

Secretary Report: Tabled
Treasurer Report: Tabled

Jim-HLA Report
Approved new Tiny Mite Rules, the rules will now be sent to Regional for approval. See hand out for rule changes.

1st practice, Monday August 4th
Jamboree, August 23rd
1st game, September 5th & 6th
Snow Bowl, November 8th

League One roster program is mandatory this year. Coaches must go through Webnar Class to be listed on the roster. As of now, HLA is unsure if they will be holding a coaches clinic.

Elections for HLA: President Patrick
Vice President Steve
Treasurer Tammy
Secretary Angel
Cheer Coordinator Doug

Jim-Recap of last year
Lost key members but gained great volunteers, cheer needs some rebuilding, website is working well, Tigerthon jersey winners are up, conflict between two tiger teams.

Discussion on clinics, Lisa motioned to have Mike Dillon be point man on clinics and pay for coaches, Mike Biaggini 2nd, passed.

Do we want to send some one to specialized training camp such as kicking camp or stunting camp and come back and teach?

Kudos to Coach Dillon for a successful effort on coaching of last seasons team; there were a few obstacles to over come, congrats Mike.

Patti-Kudos to Cliff Brewer on being Cheer Coordinator, uniforms, ordering and organization were great.

A big thank you to Tim Quarry for everything he did last year, most of all, keeping our kids safe on the field.

Dillon-Keep promoting the program.

New business-
Our local Napa store is doing a new commercial and would like to use one of our uniforms. Patti motioned to let Napa use one of our uniforms for the commercial, Cliff 2nd, passed.

New procedure for background checks. DPS (Department of Public Safety) will be paying for all FBI/Background checks, all coaches, board members and anyone on the roster need to have them done. We will be setting up a time at a later date for fingerprinting.


Treasurer: Nominated, Patti Romanelli
Elected, Patti Romanelli

Secretary: Nominated, Erin Inman
Elected, Erin Inman

Vice President: Nominated, Mike Biaggini
Elected, Mike Biaggini

President: Nominated, Jim Valentine
Elected, Jim valentine

Next meeting TBA, as the second Thursday of February is St. Valentines Day.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM