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Tigerbeat for August 13, 2007

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of August 13, 2007


Football is a contact sport and it is important that your child come to practice ready to pay attention. It isn’t always the child slacking off that gets hurt. A missed block can result in an excessively hard hit on a running back that would have been avoided by an alert player.

If you drop your child(ren) off at practice early understand that they are not supervised by the coach or by Pop Warner administrators until the scheduled time for the practice to start. Children at the field before their scheduled practice are your responsibility! If you have two children in the program that start at different times, make sure they understand that they are not to do uncoached risky activities - stunts, tackling, etc. while they wait for their practiced to start. Our insurance does not cover accidents that are not incurred during a practice session or game. If your child is injured before or after practice it is your responsibility.

Practices are 2 hours each, however a 10 or 15 minute break is mandated for each hour practiced. (15 minutes is the hot weather rules requirement) These do not apply towards the practice time so your 2-hour practice will take 2 hours and 10 or 15 minutes depending on the weather.


We have several players that are working on gaining or losing weight to remain in their division of play. We do not condone any extreme measures for weight loss/gain. They can usually lose the necessary weight by working out and eating “clean”. We are all watching their efforts and applaud them for their desire to play. It isn't easy, folks, and encouragement is appreciated. Let them know that you're behind them-it helps. These guys are working hard just so they can play. Results will be known at Jamboree. Be careful, work hard, good luck!


Remember to block your calendar for August 25th–the date of the annual Sagebrush Empire Jamboree. Besides the opportunity to scrimmage against the other teams in your age/weight bracket, this is when Certified Weights are established. It is imperative that your child attend, and your assistance as a volunteer is much needed and appreciated.

We need volunteers to work at the Jamboree. This is very important to us and to the League. With 70 teams plus some cheerleaders, parents, siblings, etc., in attendance it is a very BIG event. We must help run it in order for it to work properly and for us to get our share of the proceeds. Please volunteer to help us that day - an hour or 4 from several of you will really help us. We need volunteers all day long from 7:30 a.m. to approx. 3:00 pm. This is a serious plea, folks. Please hear it and volunteer. Everything about Pop Warner is volunteer - your coaches, administrators, etc. This is a way for you to help. Contact your Team Manager. THANKS!


Many thanks to the football and cheer coaches that attended the DPW coach clinic last weekend. After a full week of practice, your 8 hours in the “classroom” on Saturday will greatly benefit your players. Special thanks to Bobby Wartgow, Head of Douglas County Paramedics, and wife Sandy for their First Aid talk; Chris Whitbeck, Head referee for Sagebrush Empire; Cheyenne of Velocity Sports Performance; Carrie Monk, Head Coach Douglas Varsity Cheer; and Mike Rippee, Head Coach Douglas High Football. The speakers were exceptional and the interaction between the coaches and speakers was invigorating and enlightening.

Your coaches helped at gear issue last weekend; attended the DPW clinic on Saturday. They are giving a lot of their free time to become better coaches for your child’s benefit. They exemplify commitment – a value your child will undoubtedly learn from them.

Saturday, August 25th: Jamboree, Carson High
Saturday, September 15th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


DPW has ZERO TOLERANCE for drinking on the fields. You will be removed from the park. You might be reported to the authorities. Watching your child practice or play is a privilege that can be removed. Do the right thing and drink responsibly. Drinking at a youth sports activity is not being responsible. Tobacco is also not tolerated – move away from the field and the children to indulge. Thank you.

Do not let your child ride his bike with a football helmet on. It is not designed for that activity and severely limits the peripheral vision. What might seem a safety move, putting the helmet on to ride a bike, is actually putting your child in peril.

Questions on your child’s gear fitting right – talk to your coach. You want it snug for optimum protection. Every child was “fitted” when the gear was issued, but feel free to have your coach double check it if you have a concern.

Rumors are the quickest way to ruin an organization. Don’t buy in to them – especially if they sound incredulous. They usually are. If you have a question talk to your Business Manager, Coach, or any of the people below. There is only one truth – the shades of gray you hear from the rumor-mongers serve only to stroke their drama-seeking egos, not to advance the positive experience of your child.

The Tiger Beat is on our website for your enjoyment or that of people you know. Refer them to the website so they can stay current. Sagebrush Empire information is available at

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 781-5472; Football Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer – 450-1792, or Jim Valentine 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.

Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

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