Friday, August 24, 2007

Tiger Beat Jamboree Edition

Week of August 20, 2007


The annual Al Barbieri Jamboree takes place this Saturday at Carson High in Carson City. This is a season kick-off scrimmage where your team will play 3 other teams for 20 minutes total each. They’ll play 10 minutes one way (offense/defense), and then switch. It is exciting as most of the 60 teams from the Conference will be present. It is also crowded as each scrimmage is on only half of a field. That means there are four teams with their fans on each field! What fun! Your coach will tell you when to be there.

Prior to playing in the Jamboree all teams are weighed, and players given their Certified Weight. It is important that you watch your child’s intake on the way to the Jamboree. If he is close on weight, don’t feed him a burger, fries and a milkshake on the way because he is hungry. We’ve had that happen only to see the child miss weight by a pound.

Male players should dress in shorts and be bare chested or wearing lightweight T-shirt, no shoes for weigh-in. Socks are okay - especially if the pavement is hot. They will change into their uniforms and get ready to play after they get Certified Weights.

Have your child ready to weigh-in in plenty of time. Leave early to assure a timely arrival. Your coach will tell you when he wants you there. It is IMPORTANT to be on time as there are thousands of players that need to get certified and they cannot wait around for stragglers.

Players, rostered coaches, and children 15 and under get in free. Admission is $5 per person 16 and older. The Jamboree Schedule is being revised – we will distribute it as soon as we are authorized.

VOLUNTEERS are needed for the Jamboree. We are scheduled to provide volunteers from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00, or so. Undoubtedly there will be a need for volunteers in the afternoon so feel free to volunteer for those time slots as well. Contact your Team Manager before she/he contacts you! This is very important not just for Douglas, but for the entire Sagebrush Empire Conference so our Jamboree operates as planned. The Douglas volunteer corps is the stuff of legends – Keep up the tradition folks – give us a hand. Thank you very much!


The Jamboree is only a scrimmage, folks. Most coaches will be looking at their players and not showing too much in the way of plays or of their talent pool. Don’t get too excited as your coach is saving the good stuff for games. Also, the mandatory play rule does not apply at the Jamboree. Your child may not play in each scrimmage as things will be very confusing or the coach is looking at somebody else in a position, but they will get their plays in during regular games. Keep your cheering positive – exhibit Douglas sportsmanship at all times.


Saturday, August 25th: Jamboree, Carson High
Saturday, September 15th: Photo Day – Lampe Park


The prize is here and its GR-R-RE-E-E-A-AT! It can’t be stressed enough how important the Tiger-thon is to the success of your program. Be sure to put your name on your Sweatshirt when you get it – they all look alike from the outside! Just ask people for a donation – you’ll find it’s quite easy. It adds up a little at a time – the next thing you know you’ll have your $100 – or more! Turn-in days are Tuesday and Thursday. Have your donors make their checks out to Douglas Pop Warner, or DPW.


What a great clinic the Douglas High Cheerleaders gave our coaches and girls Saturday! Douglas Varsity coach, Carrie Monk, and some of her squad, came to give our girls a jump start (sic) to their season! It was wonderful and enjoyed by all! Thank you all that participated! Our cheer coaches also went to a Sagebrush Cheer Coach Clinic on Sunday – a busy weekend for cheer coaches! Thank you, Ladies, for your commitment!


This Thursday, 8/23, is Back to School Night in some schools. Your coach has been authorized to change his/her practice schedule that night to cooperate with the schools. Your coach will advise you of changes.

Tiger Trauma

Our Tiger Family is suffering another tragedy. One of our alumni, David Phillips, 16, is at Renown Medical Intensive Care after an accident while he was being irresponsible. The indiscretion of his youth went too far and has had a far reaching effect in the community, especially our Tiger community. His father, Pee Wee Head Coach Mike Phillips, and mother,our recent Vice-President, Cheer Coordinator, and HLA representative, Melissa Nickerson, are hoping good may come to others by their candid and public acknowledgement of his misdeed, suffering, and struggle for life. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Donations can be made at the snackbar, or to a special account: Greater Nevada Credit Union #877473. Make checks to Mindy Miller, account coordinator. Update Hotline: 775-742-8343.

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 782-4073; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer 450-1792, or Jim Valentine, President- 782-8777, ext.255, 781-3704.
Thanks for your participation and cooperation!


Tiger Spirit is available in the snackbar. The gear bags should be here soon – keep checking. Backpacks are back as are stadium seats, visors, etc. NEW: Fuzzy Tiger Dice and Hitch Covers!

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