Friday, September 12, 2008

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter

Douglas Pop Warner Parent’s Newsletter
Week of September 8, 2008

scores l September 5 & 6
Tiny Mite
Reno Patriots Blue
M Mite black
Sparks Steelers
M Mite white
Jr. PW black
Reno Cowboys
jr. pW white
Pee Wee
Sparks Steelers
Jr. Midget
Reno Ravens

Remember to be at the field when your coach wants you there. Teams generally weight in an hour before the game, and you will be required to be there before that to get organized.


The overall results are looking good and the fans are looking even better in their wonderful Warmup Jackets sporting our new logo. As the nights start to chill we’ll certainly see a lot of these high quality, highly respected, symbols of Tiger Pride and excellent Tiger Tigerthon Performance. Keep it up – we are still collecting. Need a new envelope … we have one for you.


The location has been changed to ASPEN PARK. Souvenir photos on Saturday, September 13th. DPW provides an individual and team photo. You can buy additional Trading Cards, poster photos, souvenir displays, and many other upgrade items to enhance your wonderful Pop Warner memorabilia. You can also order Buddy Pictures – take a picture of you with a friend, brother, parent, etc. Your Team Manager will be distributing an order envelope this week. Have it ready with a check when your team is up to help things go smoothly. Photos will be at the Pavillion area of ASPEN Park.

8:00 Jr. Midget 10:00 Pee Wee
8:30 Jr. Pee Wee White 10:30 Midget
9:00 Mitey Mite Black 11:00 Tiny Mite
9:30 Jr. Pee Wee Black 11:30 Mitey Mite White

Cheer and football are at the same time

Photo schedule is based on who played/plays where and at what time this weekend.


What a fiasco the scheduling was this year! You weren’t the only ones looking for it, but the process just never seemed to end. There are many reasons for the happenstance, and they are repairable so this won’t happen again. The League apologizes and recognizes the need to prevent a repeat of getting a schedule out so late. The refrigerator schedule is being distributed tonight. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Many thanks to the wonderful Erin Inman, one of the key people working behind the scenes to make DPW what it is. She has spent many, many hours over several months at the computer keyboard entering, organizing and maintaining our database so we comply with the many administrative requirements mandated by the Region and National. It is a huge, tedious, and thankless job … until now! THANK YOU Erin – you are Pawesome!!!


These are your child’s playing/cheering years. Your playing/cheering years are but memories now, and your child is creating his/her own memories. Help, not hinder in creating some wonderfully positive memories of these Pop Warner years. What you might have done in high school is irrelevant to what your ten year old is accomplishing now. Appreciate your child for what he/she is giving you now …the good efforts, the discipline, the commitment, the enthusiasm, the wonderment of experience & understanding of something new … something so important to them that they so much want to know more about – football & cheerleading. After all, isn’t that what its all about. . . learning, teaching, nurturing, sweating, crying, smiling, grunting, growling, growing, pizza, growing? Sounds kind of like life … eh?


Gear Bags – another fiasco. The company has updated their promises – should be here next week ….. no really!

Kudos to Coach Matt Tretton, DPW Jr. Midgets, for his recent induction to the Douglas High School Football Hall of Fame. Matt played in Douglas Pop Warner before going on to his fine career at DHS. He was coach of the year in Reno Pop Warner in 2005, and has come home to Douglas this year. Welcome back Matt, and congratulations!

Remember to invite your friends and family to games. Those with walking challenges can get a ride to the bleachers from the parking lot in the DPW Mule. Contact somebody at the field, or arrange for it in advance. We want all of our Tiger fans to see our Tigers at play – catch a ride on the Tiger Mule and save your energy for cheering the teams on!

Remembering Gene Upshaw

Statement From Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Executive Director Jon Butler Regarding the Memorial Service and Passing of Gene Upshaw, Executive Director of the NFLPA.
"Gene will of course be remembered as a great man, a Hall of Famer and a superb union leader, but he was much more than that. His love of the game of football was demonstrated by his unwavering support of Pop Warner Football and extended to Pop Warner fields across the country.

He cared about making football America’s sport and knew to grow the sport that it was essential to focus on the game at the youth level. Gene was instrumental in forming the NFL Youth Football Fund to support grassroots football organizations like Pop Warner as part of the 1998 Collective Bargaining Agreement, and that commitment has had a tremendous impact on Pop Warner programs across the country enabling Pop Warner’s expansion to include a presence in almost every NFL City and in six foreign countries.

Gene’s legacy extends beyond the pro game and will have a lasting impact on youth football and communities throughout the world. His leadership and support will be sorely missed, but we are proud to have worked with such a dedicated leader and partner. Our sympathies and gratitude go out to his family, friends and the NFLPA."

If you have questions about what is going on, not going on, is going to happen, etc., call your coach or one of the following: Parent Advocate: Lisa Wetzel-782-8777, ext.254, 781-5472; Commissioner: Mike Biaggini-782-6250, 265-2679, Mike Dillon – 691-3388; Cheer Coordinator: Cliff Brewer-450-8153, or Jim Valentine, President- 781-3704. Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

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