Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Board Meeting Minutes - Douglas Pop Warner

Douglas Pop Warner Board Meeting

January 10, 2008
6:05 PM

Attending: Jim Valentine Paula Lippincott Christy Borino
Cliff Brewer Mindy Miller Mike Biaggini
Erin Inman Mike Dillon Patti Romanelli
Lisa Wetzel Tim Quarry Diane McIver

Secretary Report: Tabled
Treasurer Report: Tabled

Jim-HLA Report
Approved new Tiny Mite Rules, the rules will now be sent to Regional for approval. See hand out for rule changes.

1st practice, Monday August 4th
Jamboree, August 23rd
1st game, September 5th & 6th
Snow Bowl, November 8th

League One roster program is mandatory this year. Coaches must go through Webnar Class to be listed on the roster. As of now, HLA is unsure if they will be holding a coaches clinic.

Elections for HLA: President Patrick
Vice President Steve
Treasurer Tammy
Secretary Angel
Cheer Coordinator Doug

Jim-Recap of last year
Lost key members but gained great volunteers, cheer needs some rebuilding, website is working well, Tigerthon jersey winners are up, conflict between two tiger teams.

Discussion on clinics, Lisa motioned to have Mike Dillon be point man on clinics and pay for coaches, Mike Biaggini 2nd, passed.

Do we want to send some one to specialized training camp such as kicking camp or stunting camp and come back and teach?

Kudos to Coach Dillon for a successful effort on coaching of last seasons team; there were a few obstacles to over come, congrats Mike.

Patti-Kudos to Cliff Brewer on being Cheer Coordinator, uniforms, ordering and organization were great.

A big thank you to Tim Quarry for everything he did last year, most of all, keeping our kids safe on the field.

Dillon-Keep promoting the program.

New business-
Our local Napa store is doing a new commercial and would like to use one of our uniforms. Patti motioned to let Napa use one of our uniforms for the commercial, Cliff 2nd, passed.

New procedure for background checks. DPS (Department of Public Safety) will be paying for all FBI/Background checks, all coaches, board members and anyone on the roster need to have them done. We will be setting up a time at a later date for fingerprinting.


Treasurer: Nominated, Patti Romanelli
Elected, Patti Romanelli

Secretary: Nominated, Erin Inman
Elected, Erin Inman

Vice President: Nominated, Mike Biaggini
Elected, Mike Biaggini

President: Nominated, Jim Valentine
Elected, Jim valentine

Next meeting TBA, as the second Thursday of February is St. Valentines Day.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM

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brookk said...

My daughter (11 y.o.-12 in May)and I are moving to Minden, NV in Feb and I am interested in signing her up, but also in coaching. I was the head coach of our Jr Pee Wee team here in NH and assisted 2 yrs before that for a different league. I had a brand new team this past year, most of my girls had never cheered or danced. I had to start them from scratch with motions, etc but we worked hard and ended up placing 3rd in the state out of 11 qualifying teams and 5th in the region out of 10 qualifying teams.
I am an NCA Certified Coach and would love the opportunity to speak with you further regarding a coaching position with your organization.
I may be contacted via email at or by phone at 603-512-2709.
Kind Regards,